Guide your students through the math content they need to learn!

This seminar was designed by elementary math experts to help you support the needs of all math learners and help them meet high expectations in the changing landscape of standards. Discover how to focus your instructional time on the most important math concepts (regardless of curriculum), while covering everything your students need to know to become strong mathematicians.

Get powerful ideas and strategies in the areas of:

  • Math Talk & Math Journals
  • Whole-Group Instruction
  • Building Conceptual Understanding
  • Small-Group Instruction
  • Number Sense & Math Facts
  • Lesson Planning

Select Your Location

Charlotte, NC
January 25–26, 2018

Westlake, LA
February 1–2, 2018

Manchester, NH
February 8–9, 2018

St. Louis, MO
February 26–27, 2018

Delano, CA
March 8–9, 2018

Latham, NY
April 12–13, 2018

Salt Lake City, UT
April 16–17, 2018

Atlanta, GA
April 19–20, 2018

Bellevue, WA
May 3–4, 2018

Springfield, IL
May 7–8, 2018